Decorating Services

Decorating services includes the following:

- Interview to establish the needs and requirements

- Designing of mood boards and possible solutions

- Quotation that may include parts or all of the following -

   as indicated by the client:

        - Research on possible solutions

        - Building of mood boards and getting applicable samples/examples

        - Assisting in the search and buying process

        - Project Management installations/ deliveries/placements

        - Project Management subcontractors if applicable

        - On site work

        - Revamp services of furniture where applicable

Project Management Services
Design Services

Design services includes:

- Assistance from the first steps in creating ideas and planning space solutions that will address the needs of the client

- Draft proposals of solutions (mood boards, space solution drawings, etc.)

- Co-operation with your professional architect during the plan process on an advisory basis to relay your needs

- Project Management services during the building process in advisory capacity

- Work closely with the client, architects and contractors alike allows for the creation of truly unique interior spaces and designs


Other Services:  Art works, decor hire & gift designs

Full Professional Project Management services available that can includes:

-  Create and agree on all the steps in the Project plan

- Tracking of progress on Project Plan

- Tracking of costs on Project Plan

- Reporting back to client on a regular basis

- On-site visits to advice and drive progress on behalf of a client

- Working closely with Building Contractors and subcontractors

- We also offer relocation Project Services, taking all the pain out of moving in or out of a space

As part of the services we offer:

- The services of an artist to create your own unique artwork or designs.

- Renting of decor and artwork for those special functions

- Flower arrangement services

- Designing of special gifts for any occasion or birthday party or wedding

- Creating a space with a theme