Price structuring

Our view is that no job is too small or too big!


We have a passion to make this world a beautiful place and therefor making it affortable for each and every client!


We love being green and therefore always looking at re-use, revamp, resell.


We love our society and therefore we will use local labour whenever needed or if there is an opportunity to do so.


We offer services from as small as creating a single task (for example assisting you in decorating that difficult corner) to building and decorating a house or an office block


When we do our proposal we will have your budget in mind and therefore assisting you to achieve those dreams, even if it is one day at a time....


We love young people with passion, aspirations and dreams and therfore we will assist you to design and decorate your space out of the box, breaking it up in small projects and therefor making it affordable


We cannot wait to meet you soon!